Body Fat & Fatal Prostate Cancers

New research published in the Journal of Cancer suggests that where body fat is deposited is more critical than how much in regards advanced and fatal prostate cancer.

Men who deposit fat in their thighs and around their abdominal organs (visceral fat) were more at risk than those who deposited fat elsewhere in their bodies, or (better still) did not have much fat at all. Leaner men, those with a lower body mass index (BMI) were more at risk of advanced prostate cancer if their small excess fat was visceral in an otherwise lean body.

Body fat is stored energy. The body will use it to fuel activity, exercise and training when the easily accessible blood sugar is used up. You see where I am going with this.

To reduce your risk of prostate cancer you should reduce your stored fat, especially around your organs. Your waist measurement (girth) is a reliable indicator of this and if you can get it below 95cm that would be brilliant. Or if that seems to big a step, start with trying to reduce it by 5 or 10 cm as every bit helps.

How to lose it? Here we go again – smaller food portions, replace red meat with white meat or fish, don’t snack between meals except on fruit, avoid sugary foods and drinks, yada, yada, yada.

You already know this but maybe haven’t been sufficiently motivated by fear, vanity or desperation to make changes. So here we go, if you don’t want to die from prostate cancer and suffer the nasty side-effects of treatment (impotence and incontinence) AND you would like to look slimmer AND you would like to have more energy, sleep better and have lower blood pressure – lose your GUT FAT over the next 6 months. Be strong.